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be•spoke - [ bē-ˈspōk ]

adjective: exclusively designed for a particular individual

Charlotte, NC The Bespoke Approach

You can undergo plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC to enhance or rejuvenate your body, but an honest assessment is the first step in a successful procedure. Our approach goes beyond technique in surgery. It starts with being a good surgeon. There is no reason your experience cannot be fun, easy, and real. Dr. Pratt is more than a talent in the art of plastic surgery – he has established a completely unique approach to plastic surgery – informal and where honesty rules.

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Focused on Plastic Surgery Dr. Broc Pratt

Dr. Pratt is honest, engaging, and at the top of his game. He offers a remarkable set of surgical skills and a firm belief that decisions made before the operating room are equally important for optimizing results that transform patients into the best versions of themselves. Your experience at Bespoke will do more than enhance your look – it will change your concept of how medicine should be practiced. Dr. Pratt is not only a talented plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC, but his personable manner, bright wit, and ability to connect to his patients are not only refreshing but exceptional.

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I believe that an informed patient is an empowered one. I am committed to the patient’s best interest to achieve the safest and best results.

—Dr. Broc Pratt

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Safe Practices, Attention to Detail Plastic Surgery

Your face tells your story – your lifestyle, your age, and your background. Our facial procedures, from facelift to neck lift, are performed to create a look that is refined, natural, balanced, and an improved version of you.

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Proportional Elegance Breast

Why not have the breasts you want? There is no need to go through life with saggy, small, or uneven breasts. Undergoing cosmetic surgery in Charlotte, NC is a big decision, and when you come to Dr. Pratt, you can expect straight talk about all the issues that matter – from sizing and shape to “When can I get back to the gym?” You should decide about breast surgery based on facts, not hype. Whether a breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or augmentation with lift. Once you decide to go for it, we are all in. Expect elegant results.

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Look Down and Smile Body

Your body should make you smile! If you are tired of feeling less confident about your body due to sagging skin, fat, or a flabby look, surgery could be right for you. From a tummy tuck to body contouring, you can expect an honest assessment of your condition, the best approach to resolve it, and excellent results.

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Plastic Surgery Charlotte NC

Find Freedom Face

Smile, laugh, and enjoy those glances of appreciation coming your way. True beauty is the result of the balance between your features, firm, youthful skin, and a defined, elegant jawline. We approach facial surgery with meticulous attention to detail – our connection with our patients allows us to create results that appear natural, sophisticated and a new, fresh version of you.

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Cosmetic Surgery Charlotte NC

The male perspective: We get you. Men

Guys, trust Dr. Pratt. They know he gets it. You may want to look younger, create a better physique, or remove excess chest fat for a more masculine look. You have the right to have the body you want – fit and firm or treating those telltale signs of age. You will be under the care of a remarkable plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC – where we listen, we understand, and go for a look that is exceptionally natural.

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