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Women who are experiencing tightening and hardening of their breast implants, also known as capsular contracture, require a procedure to remove the implants. Capsulectomy, also known as en bloc capsulectomy, removes the entire implant and surrounding tissue as one intact piece.

What is a capsulectomy?

The capsule is the scar tissue your body forms around any foreign object that is inserted into it, such as a breast implant. The tissue of the capsule can become infected and harden, which is a painful condition called capsular contracture. A capsulectomy must be performed to remove the entire capsule and the breast implant within it at once. 

During a capsulectomy, instead of cutting the implants and capsule apart, they are removed intact, which ensures no further contact of the breast implant or infected tissues occurs within your body. 

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Why get a capsulectomy?

A capsulectomy is indicated for women who are experiencing capsular contracture, but it is also the ideal breast implant removal option for the following reasons:

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast implant illness not fully understood, but it appears that it is caused by a reaction to something in the implants. Women with BII require a capsulectomy to ensure that none of the contents of the breast implants or the capsule come into to further contact with their natural tissue. 

In the case of implant rupture, a capsulectomy removes a ruptured implant and surrounding capsule without further exposing the body to the contents of the capsule or implant. This helps reduce the risk of further exposure of the contents of the implant into the body.

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

BIA-ALCL, a non-Hodgkins lymphoma, has been associated in some cases with breast implants. In this case, the capsule should be removed by en bloc capsulectomy to ensure cancerous cells are no longer in the body.

What happens during a capsulectomy procedure?

You will undergo general anesthesia to begin the procedure. Dr. Pratt will make a vertical incision from the lower crease of the breast up to the areola. Through this incision, he will carefully separate the capsule from the surrounding tissues with the breast implant inside of it. The complete capsule is then taken out through the incision. This meticulous, complex technique requires a high level of precision and training and provides certainty that no fluids or substances within the capsule or implant come in any further contact with your body.

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Recovery after your capsulectomy

Many women have an easier recovery period after their capsulectomy than after their original breast implant surgery. When the procedure is complete, you will be able to go home with a friend or family member to help you.

Women generally feel comfortable returning to sedentary work or light activities in several days to a week. There will be significant swelling during the first week, which begins to fade during the following days. Wear your compression bra during this time to help minimize swelling. Sleep on your back or side, and do not lift anything over five pounds. 

Once the swelling fades, you will likely feel recovered. However, keep in mind that it will take several weeks before you can exercise again and months for your breasts to fully heal and settle.

Candidates for capsulectomy

Women with capsular contracture or other breast implant concerns are candidates for a capsulectomy in Charlotte. Ideal candidates meet the following qualifications:

  • Are in good health generally
  • Have no serious medical conditions
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations of what a capsulectomy can achieve

Why choose Dr. Pratt?

Dr. Broc Pratt is an award-winning Charlotte plastic surgeon who takes the time to care for every patient, both ahead of the surgery, by educating patients and ensuring they are fully prepared for their procedures, and during the surgery, with skillful, advanced techniques and meticulous care. With his extensive training, he achieves stunning outcomes and results for his patients, who know they are in the trusted, excellent hands of a doctor who truly cares.

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