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Restore Your Confidence With a Breast Revision

Cosmetic surgery, like any surgery, is not without unanticipated outcomes. Revision breast surgery focuses on providing solutions for patients in these particular situations. Capsular contracture, breast implant malposition, implant rupture, and desire for size change are some of the more common concerns addressed in women who have previously undergone cosmetic breast surgery. Because the surgeon must deal with factors such as scar tissue as well as patient trepidation, breast revision in Charlotte, NC requires a high degree of skill and attention to detail, so choosing an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Pratt is ideal for ensuring a successful outcome.

What is breast revision?

Breast revision surgery is indicated when unanticipated complications arise following initial breast surgery or when breast size or shape was not optimized during the initial surgery. Known complications to every plastic surgeon, such as; capsular contracture, implant displacement, and breast implant rupture, are some of the more common concerns addressed. Regardless of the reason for revision, breast correction in Charlotte can be emotionally daunting as there is a natural tendency to grow weary as to whether there is a solution for them.

Breast Revision in Charlotte NC

What are the benefits of breast correction in Charlotte, NC?

  • Reversal of implant or scar-related problems that impact breast size and breast shape
  • Alleviation of the physical discomfort caused by issues such as capsular contracture
  • Improved physical and emotional well-being

Who makes an ideal candidate for the procedure?

Dr. Pratt will perform a comprehensive physical examination and may request any pertinent medical records regarding your previous breast surgery, including; implant size and type, implant location, type of breast lift performed,  and any relevant notes from previous physicians that will allow him to present all the options available to you. He will discuss each option for how to perform the surgery with you so you are fully educated and empowered before moving forward.

If you have experienced any of the following, our Charlotte, NC, breast revision procedure may be an excellent choice for you:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant Rupture
  • Implant deformity
  • Implant malposition
  • Symmastia, aka ‘Uniboob’
  • Double bubble
  • No longer desire implants
  • Chronic pain with breast implants
  • Deflated saline implant

Dr. Pratt and his entire staff were wonderful and so informative when it came to my surgery. They gave me the best options for a person of my size and refused to do anything that would make me look "fake". At the time, I was a little disappointed because I wanted to go really, really big with my breast augmentation. But I get so many compliments, and I now realize it was the best choice. I appreciate him not wanting to botch my body with implants that were not going to work well for me. He truly has an eye for perfection! I will continue to recommend him!

Angela R.

Breast Revision Before & Afters

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What should I expect from recovery from breast revision?

Since correctional breast surgery encompasses such a broad spectrum of possible solutions, your aftercare plan will be tailor-made to your specific needs. You will be fitted with a surgical bra or compression garment that will help minimize swelling and maintain breast your newly shaped breasts. Dr. Pratt will provide give you personalized guidance regarding the timing of your return to physical activity.

Why choose Dr. Pratt in Charlotte, NC, for corrective breast surgery?

The very nature of correctional breast surgery quite often causes a sense of mixed emotions, trepidation, and uncertainty for the patient. Dr. Pratt’s empathetic bedside manner will quickly put you at ease as he conveys a solution to your current problem and explains everything down to its most simplistic components. Dr. Pratt embraces any opportunity to help improve and optimize breast shape, regardless of the nature of the problem. For these reasons, he is regarded as among the best authorities on breast revision in Charlotte, NC.

After graduating from medical school at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Pratt completed a rigorous general surgery residency program and a clinical research fellowship in minimally invasive surgery at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. He then continued to enhance his skill set at the prestigious University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he completed a plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship.

Photo of Charlotte Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Pratt

Commitment to Patient Care Beyond the Clinic

Although his private practice has been exclusively dedicated to aesthetic surgery since 2008, Dr. Pratt maintains plastic surgery hospital privileges with Atrium Health Care and regularly takes emergency room calls as well as facial trauma calls at Charlotte’s Level One Trauma Center in uptown Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Pratt has also had the privilege of serving as a medical mission worker in Ghana, West Africa as well as Haiti.

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