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Dr.Pratt is by far the best plastic surgeon in Charlotte.

Dr.Pratt is by far the best plastic surgeon in Charlotte. He is extremely patient, kind and realistic with his patient expectations. He is brilliant and a perfectionist at his craft. I’m so lucky to call myself his patient and I would highly recommend him and his lovely staff to anyone who is seriously considering a change to their life.

My experience has been nothing but is positive!

My experience has been nothing but is positive! Dr Pratt and staff were very knowledgeable. Answered all my questions. After losing 170#, I had lots of excess skin. After looking at many physician’s closer to my home, I chose Dr. Pratt. I felt that he individualized my care better than the other providers. I am now 2 years out from the first surgery. The results are amazing. This has been a process and Dr Pratt and his staff have never wavered. Dr. Pratt and his staff have been by my side every step of the way. Dr. Pratt explained everything in detail, and made me feel very comfortable. They set me up for success! Dr. Pratt and his team are top notch, professional, experts. Everyone has been amazing! Thank you for your kind, compassionate care. I am so glad that I chose Dr. Pratt and Bespoke for all my needs! Thank you! You will not be disappointed!.

Dr Pratt is such a good surgeon!

Dr Pratt is such a good surgeon! Super laid back and makes you feel very comfortable when talking about sensitive topics. Heard everything that I wanted to say and wanted to give me exactly what I was looking for. I met with other surgeons and they told me that they can’t garuntee any size result or any shape. But Dr Pratt told me that he can get me down to the size and shape I want and made me feel confident in him. I’m 3 months post op now and I love my results. My incisions look really good, very minimal scarring than I thought I would have. Overall he’s such a good doctor!!

Dr. Pratt and staff are awesome.

Dr. Pratt and staff are awesome. They were very kind and supportive. I wanted to have liposuction on my stomach and a tummy tuck as well. They were very knowledgeable and caring during my procedures.I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor highly recommend him

Welcoming from the time I walked in the office.

Welcoming from the time I walked in the office. Everyone was friendly and professional. Just sitting and talking with Dr. Pratt was like sitting and talking with a very knowledgeable best friend.! I have been to many consults in the past and this one by far exceeded any expectations that I could have had.

Couldn't recommend them enough!

I had the absolute best experience with Dr Pratt and his team at Bespoke for my breast lift/augmentation. Everything from start to finish went flawlessly and I couldn’t be happier with my results so far. Couldn’t recommend them enough!

I can't say enough about Bespoke and Dr. Pratt.

I can’t say enough about Bespoke and Dr. Pratt. Highly recommend…1,000 times over. I had 4 consultations around the Charlotte area and no one came close to making me feel as heard, understood and comfortable as Dr. Pratt. His bedside manner is so calming and understanding… I never doubted for one second that I was in the best hands. His team is just as sweet and comforting. And that was all BEFORE my procedure!!! I am not 5 weeks post op and this was the best decision I have ever made. If you are considering a tummy tuck… call and make your appointment. You will not regret it. Life. Changing. I’m so many ways. Dr. Pratt did an exceptional job and I am only 5 weeks post! Bespoke Plastic Surgery is the best. Bottom line.
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Hands down I can say I prefer Dr Pratt.

Dr Pratt and his team are phenomenal pre, post and during surgery. My first surgery with doctor Pratt was after a car accident when he was on call at CMC Main. He did an amazing job after sustaining significant damage to my ear. It’s crazy how well it’s healed and you probably wouldn’t know unless I pointed it out. I’ve also had two operations with Dr Pratt post weight loss and each time felt like I was well taken care of. Even having questions or concerns after business hours, I left a message and was called back within ten minutes by Dr Pratt.I had one other post weigh loss procedure done at Duke aesthetic center before I saw Dr Pratt. Hands down I can say I prefer Dr Pratt. The scars were significantly less noticeable if noticeable at all. He takes the time to be present with you and overall is an amazing surgeon.

You will not be disappointed in the slightest!

I could never say enough amazing things about Dr. Pratt and his entire team!! My results from my breast lift and breast augmentation speak for themselves!! After having two small children, I NEVER imaged I would have breasts like this! I hoped after surgery I’d be comfortable with them, but I am ecstatically pleased!!! He went above and beyond my requests! The entire office is the most welcoming and friendly staff I’ve ever come across! If you’re considering getting any work done, you HAVE to go and meet with Dr. Pratt!! You will not be disappointed in the slightest!!!

Dr. Pratt is phenomenal

Dr.Pratt is phenomenal. He is very detailed and upfront in his consultations. He listened to me and didn't rush me at all—excellent bedside manners. I didn't have to tell him much. He knows what he is doing. His staff is amazing; they made me feel like family. I feel very thankful and blessed for his team; I have me the body of my dreams!!

His office and the atmosphere felt like home

I highly recommend Bespoke Plastic surgery. The phenomenal client service is superb in my opinion second to none. Dr. Pratt and team are a class act and they exuded the spirit of Excellence from the time I walked through the door until I departed. His office and the atmosphere felt like home!!! Keep up the great work you guys. #teampratt

Dr. Pratt is a master at what he does

Dr. Pratt and Ashleigh are EXCELLENT. I can't remember the last time a Dr. dedicated so much time and attention to my needs and questions. This practice is extraordinary. Dr. Pratt's attention to detail is evident and his friendly and down-to-earth disposition is reassuring. Similarly, Ashleigh's kind and warm demeanor put me at ease the second she entered the room. I highly recommend this practice.

Beyond Pleased

Beyond pleased with my results! The staff is phenomenal and Dr. Pratt is a master at what he does. Will recommend religiously.

Dr. Pratt is by far the best plastic surgeon in Charlotte.

Dr.Pratt is by far the best plastic surgeon in Charlotte. He is extremely patient, kind and realistic with his patient expectations. He is brilliant and a perfectionist at his craft. I’m so lucky to call myself his patient and I would highly recommend him and his lovely staff to anyone who is seriously considering a change to their life.

Knowledgeable and Personable

Dr Pratt is knowledgeable and Personable with each and every patient. His caring, professional demeanor is a plus to his surgical and aesthetic talents.

Breast Augmentation. He's the best! 

I was referred to Dr. Pratt by one of my best friends years ago. While I was happy with my figure, my tiny breasts were always an insecurity. As an avid runner and exercise enthusiast, I worried that a breast augmentation could compromise my workouts or feel heavy on my small frame. When I met Dr. Pratt for the first time, he immediately disarmed me and any uncertainties I had. As someone who works in the industry, you don’t see many plastic surgeons with the talent, humility,  bedside manner, and authenticity of Dr. Pratt. He is truly exceptional. Throughout my recovery, he called to check on me multiple times. He genuinely cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to give them the best results possible. He’s an artist and a perfectionist. I couldn’t be happier with the way my breasts turned out. To this day, they look and feel so natural. I have sent many friends to Dr. Pratt who are all thrilled with their results. It was truly the best thing I did for myself and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. He’s the best! 


I am currently recovering from liposuction with Dr. Broc Pratt at Carolina Age Management Institute. Dr. Pratt performed liposuction on my flanks, bra rolls, lower back, inner thighs, lower abdomen and back of arms. He also removed dog ears from a previous tummy tuck I had with another surgeon. My surgery was performed last Friday, July 26th.

Best Experience ...I Would Actually Do It Again!!!

Dr. Pratt is an incredible surgeon — I met with many plastic surgeons in my quest to find someone I trusted for a very challenging procedure (this was not a simple tummy tuck) and he was by far and away the absolute best. Spent an hour with me on my first consultation, listened to my concerns and provided input and guidance of how to contour my shape and look natural...yet achieve my expectations.

The day of the surgery in his brand new facility (impeccably clean) he and his entire staff (love Elizabeth!!!) treated me like gold. I stayed over night and was again treated like a 5-star guest with the utmost care.

Dr Pratt called me several times personally as I worked through my recovery and was there every time I had a question or worry.

I would never go to any other surgeon. He and his staff are the absolute best! My results were more than I could have hoped for and quite honestly have changed my quality of life in such an enormous way.

I Had a Wonderful Experience!

Dr. Pratt and his entire staff are beyond amazing! The entire process from consultation to recovery was so smooth and pleasant. I felt very comfortable asking questions and sharing my concerns and most importantly very happy with the outcome. The results were far beyond what I could have expected. Very natural and just as requested!

As for the staff, Leigh, in pre-op was so great and very attentive to details. She answered all of my questions and even went out of her way to answer my text messages after hours. Elizabeth who was with me from the start of this journey ensured that my scheduling from start to finish was smooth and efficient. If there was ever a time when I was unsure of something or needed something changed she immediately made it happen. Renee is a wonderful and caring nurse. I was very excited to know that she was going to be there the day of my surgery.

Lastly, Kevin the anesthesiologist was nothing but professional and honestly the most pleasant medical professional I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. His technique was wonderful, he took any fear out of the surgery, and made the whole experience very welcoming.

The office and surgical center were immaculate and up to date. I would highly recommend Dr. Pratt to everyone!

BEST Decision, Even BETTER Care.

I had received an email about a Breast Lift promo that Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI) was running back in August. I scheduled to have a consultation and immediately knew that it was something I wanted/needed. Dr. Pratt and his team of nurses are the BEST in the business from start to finish. I never felt worried or concerned of any negative outcome, because they walked me through and were there the whole process. I could not have asked for a better group of people to be there during the surgery day, and after. The patience and care they showed in unmatched to anyone in the health industry. I am beyond excited about the aftermath and look of my new Breast Lift. I would recommend Dr. Pratt and CAMI to ALL!

Amazing Work

BEST DOC EVER!!!!! i had a tt 2 years ago and i still love it. Stomach is flat. I love Dr. Pratt he opened up a whole new world. I would recommend him 10 times over. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

42 Years Old, Short and Plump - Charlotte, NC

I am seven days post op from a tummy tuck with Lipo. I am very sore, but I can already see a dramatic difference in my body. I am aboit 5’2.5” (every half inch counts) and before surgery I weighed 191lbs. I carried most of my weight in my stomach and despite dieting and excercising 3-4 times a week doing kickboxing, I wasn’t able to do anything more than yo yo diet for 10-15 lbs. I did extensive research on tummy tucks and after deciding it was safe- I met with a surgeon. For the first time in ever- he was very optimistic about where I held my weight and what a tummy tuck could do for my body. I was terrified, but proceeded anyway. Today marks the 7th day post surgery. I am very sore- especially my back where they did lipo and my incision line on my abdomen is numb but Does occasionally hurt. I’ve already dropped 14 lbs and continue to have a lot of fluid draining. I haven’t really changed sizes of pants, as I am still very swollen, but my stomach is flat. The pain is manageable. I’m taking pain meds sporadically and I have been able to do things like attend a friends bday party and grocery shopping. I work from home mostly, so I have been able to pick that up again, although I do get tired easier and have to take breaks. So far, I am extremely pleased with what I see in the mirror and am so anxious to see my body continue to change as the swelling goes down over the next few months!

31 with 3 Kids and 4 Pregnancies - Charlotte, NC

I have always wanted a breast Aug but since I breast fed I always said I will do it once I decide not to have no more children, but then after having my babies it seemed that no matter how much weight I lost I still looked the same and always had a muffin top lol. So I started investigating and made the best decision ever. I am so happy with my results and at 2 months post op I am a size 6 from a size 10-12 in jeans and a small in shirts. Super content with Dr. Parts work.

Dr. Broc is extremely professional

Dr. Broc and his staff are always so welcoming and strive to make your experience very comfortable. The office is very clean and modern, definitely doesn’t give you that stuffy doctors office feel! Dr. Broc is extremely professional and very talented. He keeps it 100% and is very clear about treatment plans that would best suit your needs. This is why I do not hesitate recommending him to friends and why I will be going back!

Now, I feel like a freaking GODDESS

When I walked into the room and told Dr. Pratt that I had lost 170 pounds and needed surgery - he lit up the room! I felt like I was on an episode of "Flip This House" but as a people version! He took the time to show me step by step what he recommended. And when I recommended something he very honestly said "You don't need that" - whereas another doctor would have simply taken my money. Dr. Pratt had a vision of what my body COULD look like - and now, I feel like a freaking GODDESS. He and his team are so caring and compassionate and truly care about YOU and your results. Please also understand, I am an every day 9 to 5 single mom. My fear was "I'll never be able to afford this". His fees are awesome, his team is awesome, the atmosphere is awesome, and Dr. Pratt is simply a genius. An artist. I never thought I would have so much confidence. I would recommend to anyone - we only live once, invest in yourself!

I am so impressed with Dr. Pratt

After having a bad experience with my previous plastic surgeon, I stayed away from doing any kind of cosmetic treatment or surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. Pratt for a consultation. After meeting with Dr. Pratt and speaking with him, I decided to have some Botox injections. I am so impressed with Dr. Pratt's bedside manner and soft touch in giving injections. He took time to get to know what I really wanted and then advise me on how we needed to proceed. I have all ready scheduled my next appointment with him. I now have faith again in a Plastic Surgeon. He is wonderful and I will never go anywhere else for any procedures. Thank you Dr. Pratt.

Hands down, Dr. Pratt and his staff (Leigh) are the BEST!

From my consultation to my procedure they were caring, informative, and always made sure I was comfortable. I’m in love with my results. I can not thank them enough!

If you are looking for a surgeon, Dr. Pratt is the doctor for you.

Dr. Pratt and his staff are amazing people. I was so nervous but they are caring and super nice. I highly recommend Bespoke Plastic Surgery.

11 Days Post Op and STOKED

After multiple clients of mine told me they had work done by Dr Pratt and they had nothing but great things to say; I decided to go meet with him. After the first 5 mins I knew he would be my dr! I am 11 days post op -TT/BL/BA and I couldn’t be happier. Dr Pratt and his staff are amazing.

So Excited for Makeover (T.T, Lipo, BA), but Are These Fears Part of Normal Jitters or Unusual? - Charlotte, NC

I am so excited to have this surgery done. I have been dreaming about having these procedures since my second child, but after my third, the desire to do this became stronger and I finally decided to make the leap. I picked a doctor whose work (that I have seen) and personality and staff are incredible, (Dr.Pratt-Refine Institute) and am counting down the days. I could kick myself for saying this later but I am prepared for a lot of pain and discomfort and 3 weeks of downtime (GOSH, I DO NOT WANT IT TO BE LONGER-I know recovery can take months to a year but I have an office job that I need to be back at on week 4). Any tips on ways to have the speediest recovery possible? I've bought Arnica, Bromelaine and all of these vitamins that are supposed to speed up surgical recovery. I have been drinking a ton of water already and already started taking probiotics and have tried to eat as clean as possible. Any other common little dos or don'ts would be highly appreciated.

Best Decision I Made with Dr Pratt and Staff!! - Charlotte, NC

Smart lipo on both my upper arms and bra rolls in the front! I am an African American young woman in my 30's. I inherited large arms that resembled big turkey legs. I literally got my huge arms from my Mom, Grandmother on my mom's side and grandmother on my father's side. My main concern was not being able to fit clothes properly. My torso is very small so I fit small to medium shirts. I had to purchase large and extra large shirts due to my arms. I knew that if I didn't get the smart lipo on my arms, I would just get older and it would get worse! My Mom and grandmother have to get extra fabric added to Thier shirts and dresses just to make the sleeves fit. I was also very uncomfortable in the summer time. I would hide my arms under sweaters and be extremely hot as heck. After consulting 3 to 4 different surgeons, I decided on Dr Pratt and his staff because of thier professionalism and previous good reviews I read. I am 1 day post op and I can see the difference even with my swelling. Before surgery my arms were 16.5 inches and today with swelling they are 13.5 inches. I look amazing already. He took 6lbs of the fat. I can't wait for swelling to go away in the next few months! I'm glad I didn't believe some of the horror stories I have read on here. Dr. Pratt and staff have excellent bedside manner. Lee, Tammy and Connie were amazing as well. When a Doctor calls your fiance from his personal cell phone the night of your earlier surgery to check on you, that's awesome! I made a great decision and I'd do it again!!!!

50 Y/O Mom of Two Tired of Looking Lumpy - Charlotte, NC

There are only a few things that money cannot buy and true love is one...without the 24/7 support of my hubby the first few days...I would be a blubbering mess. I elected to have full TT as well as lipo of all the rest of my stomach, back, crests, bra rolls and inner thighs. So, first off, taking it easy for at least two weeks is not an option. Be kind to your drains...they are your friends

Mommy Makeover -Ballantyne, NC

I had a tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation by dr broc pratt. I am very pleased. My stomach is flat and my scar is low and is healing well. Dr. Pratt and his team kept my family informed of my status during my 5 hour surgery. I highly recommend The Refine Institute and Dr. Pratt to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.

So Happy - Charlotte, NC

My procedure went better than I expected. I didn't experience much pain. The worst part about the procedure was just having the bandages on my chest for a week and not being able to wash my chest. I honestly wish I would have done this sooner. Remember it will be difficult to wash/brush your hair so having so dry shampoo was helpful and stock up on movies and your favorite food because you won't want to go anywhere for a few days

Life Changer - Charlotte, NC

Even in elementary school, I was always “the girl with the big boobies”. I began developing in the 4th grade and by the time I was in the 5th grade, I was a C cup. The growth continued through high school and college until this year, when finally at a size E I knew that I needed a change and had enough. The back and neck pain, difficulty finding my bra size and at reasonable prices, inability to dress appropriately (or cute!) due to my size and constant jeers and snickers encouraged me to finally make a move. After researching clinics in my area, I came across Dr. Broc Pratt from The Refine Institute. I was impressed with his experience, supportive staff, attractive and state-of-the-art facility. 2 months after my consultation, I had my reduction and went from a Size E to a 38C. I couldn’t be more pleased. This is definitely the BEST decision I’ve made in my life, as it has CHANGED my life.

35yr Old Mom of 2: Journey to a New Me - Charlotte, NC

TT lipo then lipo at bra line and inner legs. Surgery tomorrow 1/31. Very nervous about swelling and overall recovery. Working mom of 2 can't be out of work too long.

Three full days since surgery. Feeling good. I am already starting to almost stand up straight. Honestly if my but bone had not flared up on me from having my kids I would not have had much pain at all.

The garment....this thing is going to drive me crazy. It makes every trip to the bathroom an adventure. But I will wear it. I hope to take a shower tonight and that will be the 1st time I will have taken the garment off. So...this should interesting.

I loved my doctor and it is worth the drive to Ballentine. They did an outstanding job from start to finish.

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