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A tummy tuck, also referred to as “abdominoplasty”, sculpts, slims, and flattens the belly, creating a more elegant silhouette. Our Charlotte NC tummy tuck surgery is the most effective way to restore youth to the mid-section after pregnancy, excessive weight loss, and when diet and exercise are no longer effective. Incisions are well hidden within the bikini line.

What is a tummy tuck?

When a woman undergoes childbirth, or loses a huge amount of weight, the belly undergoes a negative transformation in which the abdominal muscles separate and grow weak. Once this has happened, it’s difficult to restore the area through dieting and exercise alone. A surgical tummy tuck is among the only procedures that can help revitalize the stomach so it appears flat, youthful and sculpted.

During surgery, an incision is made horizontally within the public area, hidden by the panty line. The belly button remains in its native location.

What can I expect from tummy tuck recovery?

Patients typically return to desk-type work within 10 to 14 days. A surgical drain may be placed, especially when liposuction is performed with your tummy tuck (otherwise a drain-free tummy tuck may be an option). Sizing for your compression garment is done prior to your procedure and worn 4 to 6 weeks. Dr. Pratt may recommend supplemental recovery solutions such as lymphatic massage to expedite healing, especially when large amounts of fat are removed.

What is the mini tummy tuck?

The mini tummy tuck addresses only the lower portion of the belly from the navel downwards. The term “mini” is refers to the fact that it is only the area above the pubic region that needs to be rejuvenated, it does not necessarily imply that the incision is shorter than a classic tummy tuck. The most common scenario for needing a mini tummy tuck is the post-partum mother who is of ideal weight and body composition, with minimal muscle separation who has a flap of skin above the pubic area. C-section scars in this will often accentuate this extra skin, which forms an annoying bulge in the bikini line. The navel is untouched in a mini tummy tuck. Incisions are placed well within a bikini bottom, and recovery is shorter at 5 to 7 days.

Tummy Tuck Before & After

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Who makes the best candidate for a Charlotte, NC tummy tuck?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you may benefit from a tummy tuck:

  • Have you done all you can with diet and exercise, and need a boost to take your tummy to the next level?
  • Do you have loose skin from pregnancy or weight loss?
  • After childbirth, does your belly always looks distended?
  • Does your C-section scar cause an annoying bulge in your clothing?
  • Do you have previous scars from other surgeries that prevent you from looking like the best version of yourself?
Dr. Broc  Pratt

Patients pursuing a tummy tuck surgery should:

  • Be a non-smoker
  • Be mentally and physically healthy
  • Not have any major medical issues that might interfere with their treatment
  • Have realistic expectations for their outcome based on a private consultation with Dr. Pratt at his discreet Charlotte, NC offices

What Dr. Pratt will expect from you:

  • Smoking cessation for any active smokers
  • Satisfactory control of any chronic health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes
  • In select patients, a note from your primary care doctor clearing you for elective surgery may be required. In the event that you do not have a primary care doctor, Dr. Pratt will help find one for you
  • A family member or friend that will assist you in your recovery

Tummy Tuck Testimonial

Dr. Pratt - Sarah - Testimonial

An abdominoplasty in Charlotte NC addresses the parts of the belly that are most negatively affected with pregnancy and weight loss. As the belly grows larger during pregnancy or weight gain, the overlying skin is irreversibly damaged and scarred. These scars within the skin are commonly referred to as “stretch marks”. Also, with pregnancy or significant weight gain, abdominal muscles underneath the skin are pushed outward and displaced to the side. This combination of damaged skin and displaced muscle (referred to as a “diastasis”), are the primary focus in tummy tuck surgery. Although proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are key factors in helping to get that pre-baby body back, loose skin and muscle separation, unfortunately, are resistant to diet and exercise. A tummy tuck should therefore be thought of as the missing piece of the puzzle that helps you realize your fullest potential.

Why choose Dr. Pratt?

The best way to describe Dr. Pratt’s approach and philosophy to plastic surgery is one that is truly BESPOKE: customized and tailored only for you. This is not only the origin for the practice name, but also best summarizes the meticulous attention to detail both before and after surgery. Dr. Pratt will not try to impress with pomp and grandeur, but rather his ability to instantly make you feel at home and comfortable with openly expressing your deepest concerns about surgery will likely take you by surprise and is truly refreshing. His down-to-earth approach is detail oriented, comprehensive, and candid. His candor is evident even within the before and after gallery photos, where he is among the very few plastic surgeons who prefers to show—rather than cover—incisions after tummy tuck surgery. He believes that the artistry of an elegant tummy tuck can only be seen when the end result is viewed in the context of incisional placement, quality, and symmetry.

“People make the assumption that all plastic surgeons must be artists, or sculptors. When asked, I literally laugh out loud and tell them that my 11-year-old son is a better artist than I am...and trust me, he’s no artist. To me, the artistry is one that relates to math and physics: proportion, ratios, tension, symmetry and balance …And math? I love it!” — Dr. Pratt

Dr. Pratt received his medical degree at the University of Florida College of Medicine, then completed residency in general surgery at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC.  He completed a clinical research fellowship in minimally invasive surgical techniques at Carolinas Laparoscopic and Advanced Surgical Program in Charlotte, NC before going on to complete a fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Dr. Pratt has been in practice as a plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC since 2005. He remains on hospital faculty at four local hospitals, and is one of the select few plastic surgeons in Charlotte that has had the privilege of taking facial plastic surgery trauma call at Charlotte’s only Level One Trauma Center in uptown charlotte.

His south Charlotte private practice is located in the heart of beautiful Ballantyne, and is dedicated exclusively to aesthetic surgery of the breast, body, and face.

Dr. Broc  Pratt

Tummy Tuck FAQs

How long does the swelling last after a tummy tuck?

I am asked this question daily. People think somehow that any amount of swelling means that you can’t see your results, which is not the case. I tell my patients that If you don’t look completely transformed from the moment you wake up in our recovery room, then I never made it to work that day. It’s true: some degree of swelling will persist for months, but this simply means that you are only going to look that much better when your body has had time to fully heal itself.

I read on the Internet about a new “drain free” tummy tuck. Do you do that?

First, this is not new. The nuances of techniques that remove the need for drains have been more popular in the last ten years, but there’s nothing novel about it. In all candor, we don’t want to give you the drains, as they can be annoying, quite frankly. A drain free tummy tuck certainly has its place for certain patients, but in those people needing larger amounts of liposuction with their tummy tuck, drains are the most effective way to minimize swelling, reduce the risk of fluid buildup, and therefore get you to your final result more quickly.

Is there an ointment, salve, or cream that will get rid of my scar?


Is there anything that can potentially help with my scar?

Yes. You can pay meticulous attention to the gentle handling of your tissue during surgery, use of non-inflammatory suture material, minimize tension on your incision, don’t smoke, and have favorable genetics—all of which, unfortunately, does not come in a 2-oz. bottle. I’m not an absolute cynic as it pertains to scar creams, as there is excellent scientific evidence that certain ingredients do help. (Help in the sense that scar creams act to merely complement a healthy lifestyle and are NOT a substitute for poor surgical planning and unfavorable genetics.) Scar creams will make a good incision appear slightly better, but it won’t make a bad scar look good.

What supplements do I need?

Frankly, you don’t NEED any of them. Supplements act to promote healing by providing you either with building blocks to assist your body’s own immune system, or to reduce inflammation and therefore speed your recovery. So, what’s the problem, you may ask? The most effective way to do this is through proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. People that eat real food (i.e, that which you can recognize as naturally occurring in nature) tend to have less overall inflammation to begin with, and therefore will reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle during their recovery. No amount of supplements is going to help someone with a lifestyle centered around fast food (and yes, Chick-fil-A is fast food), soda, excess sugar, and inactivity. However, should you have the whole diet and lifestyle thing dialed in, I will recommend a few things that will make your engine run even better.

Should I just stay in bed after my surgery?

Absolutely not. One of the most important principles in post-surgical care is to encourage movement. There is a natural tendency during and after surgery for the blood in your legs to begin to pool in the veins. Walking is the best way to get things flowing freely. Think running river, not stagnant pond.

Can’t I just buy my garment on Amazon?

No. We prefer that you allow our nurse to take your measurements and size you appropriately. An ill-fitting garment can ruin a good surgery.

I can get my surgery at half the price in another country.

This may be true; however, consistent follow-up with your plastic surgeon is essential to ensure safety and consistency in results. Although there are individuals who have had great experiences, I have personally seen a disproportionate number of patients coming back from overseas requiring extensive medical attention, and often times requiring additional surgery, from issues that likely could have been readily addressed if the patient had immediate access to their plastic surgeon.

I’ve had a few other consults, and there’s a wide range in pricing. Why would I come to you if I can get a tummy tuck cheaper somewhere else?

The economics of aesthetic surgery are not insignificant, and more importantly, providing a consistent superior experience to the patient both in and out of the operating room has economic implications to maintain this high standard.

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